Scouring Agent
Wel Soap LF-200
Purpose Scouring Agent
Characteristic Great wetting, desizing, emulsifying and degreasing effects, efficiently remove sizing agent, grease and soil and prevent restaining.
Provide good rewetting ability.
Good resistance to base and hard water, applicable for scouring agent and machine cleaning agent.
Application All Fiber,Multipurpose
Wel Sconol WS-55
Purpose Scouring Agent
Characteristic Excellent wetting, emulsifying and cleaning effect, prevent restaining of sizing agent and oil.
Low foaming ability, applicable for preparing, scouring, continuous scouring, desizing and other processing.
Application All Fiber, Multipurpose
Wel Sconol WS-188
Purpose Multi-purpose scouring agent
Characteristic Provide great emulsifying and penetrating abilities.
Applicable for one-bath scouring and dyeing, and continuous desizing processing.
Efficiently remove sizing agent and oil agent in the fiber.
Application All Fiber, Multipurpose