Microcapsule Essence
Function Aroma Nature
Microcapsule technique has been applied to medical, paper industry, and food industry, etc. The advantage of microcapsule is to keep essential compound inside the capsule for slow-release application. Applying essence oil onto textile and keeping scent lasting is an innovative approach to create additional value. WELSUM TECHNOLOGY has developed a systematic technique to customize microcapsule. Various scents can be microcapsuled by customer request and availability. Essence oil in microcapsule technique can provide consumer an impressive experience.
Better Quality
Aroma changes individual mood at times. Essence oil works not only for psychological purpose, but also for physical purpose. The common application is for disinfection, refreshment, etc.
WELSUM applies essence oil from flower and plants into microcapsule. When the microcapsule is applied onto textile, individual can enjoy joyful scents.
Essence oil is microcapsuled. The scent can be kept and released slowly. The technique has been applied for textile industry.
Additional value -
Apply nature essence oil to fabrics by microcapsulation. Provide scent and healthcare function.
Aroma -
Natural essence oil is microcapsuled and scent is held inside capsule.
Nature -
Nature essence oil from flower and plants.