Moisture Management
Breathability Softness Nature
In order to provide moisture absorbency and quick-dry properties to synthetic fabrics, WELSUM TECHNOLOGY develops various high performance and durable moisture management textile auxiliaries. Treated material can absorb moisture quickly and moisture can evaporate fast. Sporty wear, aerobic suit and underwear especially need moisture management to keep skin dry and comfortable. Moisture management and Quick-dry Series has passed bluesign® standard to protect Mother Nature.
Better Quality
Moisture management is through capillarity of fabrics to absorb, diffuse, transfer and evaporate. Wicking and quick-dry series can provide synthetic fabrics moisture management property. Quick-dry property keeps skin dry, clean, and comfortable to create an unfavorable environment of bacteria.
Untreated Treated
Treated fabrics can absorb sweat quickly and evaporate to outside to keep skin dry and comfortable.
Breathability -
Sweat on skin will be absorbed by fabrics rapidly and evaporate. The functional fabrics can keep skin dry and comfortable.
Soft hand-feeling -
Keep original softness of fabrics.
Eco-friendly -
Quick-dry and moisture management series product has been approved by bluesign®.
Meet up-to-date environmental protection regulations.