Tear Strength Improver
Strength Comfort Green
More and more outdoor activities have become a part of folks’ life. They request not only comfort and fashion but also function and durability of clothing. Tear strength is a key factor for outdoor and light-weight garment. High tear strength fabrics can keep athlete agile because of reducing weight fabrics with same strength as higher denier fabrics. WELSUM TECHNOLOGY, therefore, develops tear strength improver for cotton and synthetic fabrics. Tear strength improver series has passed bluesign® standard.
Better Quality
Environmental temperature is elevating nowadays. Therefore, developing thin denier fabrics is an inevitable trend. However, tear strength of thin denier fabrics is weaker than higher denier fabrics because thin denier fabrics tend to be worn. WELSUM has developed tear strength improver to efficiently increase rubbing factor between fiber and there fore improve tear strength without affecting hand feeling and water repellent and/or moisture absorbency.
  Tear Strength Test
Fabric A : T75D/72F(DTY)*T150D/96F(DTY)
Fabric B : 75D/72F*T150D/96F/2(SBS)
Test method : ISO 13937-1
Unit : N
Strength and light weight -
Efficiently enhance fiber strength of fabrics.
Comfort -
Keep moisture permeable and original hand touch.
Eco-friendly -
Tear strength improver series product has been approved by bluesign®.